BeerHouse Tragedy.

San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. Mexico.

On the early hours of this morning in the neighbor city, A tragedy unfolded. When a drunk suspect according to Mexican authorities and witnesses said that suspect was removed from the event because the suspect was drunk and disrespecting woman at the event. Also an Arizona local band loved by community “Mitosis Versatil” Which they always have brought great vibes and moments, were playing on this particular event. Witnesses and authorities have said that suspect went back moments later with an artifact that was identified as a “Molotov bomb” was thrown to the entrance were many did not survived this horrendous scene.

BeerHouse – After the fire (San Luis Rio Colorado Sonora Mexico.) Credits – Social Media.

Mexican authorities along with San Luis Rio Colorado. Mayor declared that 12 fatalities were caused by this siniestro action. 3 of 4 of the band did not survive and the 4th lead singer still fighting for his life at YRMC. Along with mother, son and other people that were having a good time that did not survive the event. most sincere condolences to everyone affected by this horrendous action.