rastfm Was first launched in Sep 09 2012. The idea of our Station was and always will be to bring a vibe of friendship, unity and love for the reggae music industry. We welcome anyone to be part of our community.

Our structure and cooperation as a non-profit organization was established to develop to help artists, creators and businesses to form a community of entrepreneurs to create opportunities using our platform. Our condemnation to manipulations in order to maintain control over certain areas of our Network and discriminatory behavior forced our global shutdown from all operations streams & development. Our operations & development has once again will be resumed on December 2023.

rastfm Networks, LLC. was created with integrity & honesty by taking in consideration families, neighbors and members of society without discriminating any member or supporter because his racial, religious or sexual orientation including anyone participating on private or public organizations. Our vibes will always be of friendship and unconditional Love.


Albert Amaya Jr.

Founder & Network Manager