In 2012 our Network was born and With the help of a lot of people along the way, Our development among this past years grew to what you see today and we hope to keep growing this small space and be able to create a friendly environment.

Our beginning we started as a test stream with no real identity and no structure. And no real intention to create an entity for our broadcast until more enthusiasts joined our broadcast with the reggae community. Our ride together was fun and brought many ideas and members into our community until it lasted. Our broadcasts, website and social pages had to be shut down for personal reasons and costs issues in order to maintain network online. rastfm was offered to be sold to the last broadcast team but a decision and promise to reconstruct our site was made. And here we are again. <3

rastfm Was first launched in Sep 09 2012. The idea of our Station was and always will be to bring a vibe of friendship, unity and love for our Community & Music industry. Today! We welcome anyone to be part of our community.

Our structure and cooperation as a non-profit organization was established to develop to help artists, creators and businesses to form a community of entrepreneurs to create opportunities using our platform.

We now broadcast live music 24/7 for free with content in news, music, and upcoming artists from all generes.

rastfm Networks, LLC. was created with integrity & honesty by taking in consideration families, neighbors and members of society without discriminating any member or supporter because his racial, religious or sexual orientation including anyone participating on private or public organizations. Our vibes will always be of friendship and unconditional Love.



Founder & Network Manager