Albert “Beto” – Founder & Network Manager

Jose (DjEfive) – Co-Founder & Network Admin / Host
Everardo – Network Controller & Global Operator
Jesus (Chuy) – Public Relations & Promoter

We currently looking forward to add new members into our team. Our Network is a non-profit organization and we looking for DJ’s or Hosts that are willing to serve in our Network to create content and gain experience in the communications Industry.


1.- Willing to learn and Invest certain amount of time to create content and play music/talk about topics.

2.- Be able to talk fluently in Spanish/English.

3.- Have knowledge of computers operating systems and able to posses one for basic management.

4.- Able to properly set up programs, run and configure system for proper functioning.

5.- Able to troubleshoot programs, update and configure in order to reliably operate your broadcast.

All postulants are required to sign a contract of confidentiality and understand and agree to our terms of service as our operating agreement changes.

We are currently opening up positions for;

FrontEnd Developer

Web Developer

Content Creator

Systems Administrator

For more information please contact us at