November update

As we continue to grow and extent our services to help our clients and sponsors connect. We have also added more merchandise on our store. Our merchandise is originally art created. Do you have products you want to display on our store? Reach out to us!!!

If you have a story that you would like to share with us don’t forget to reach out through email or send us a message on our contact tab.

We deeply appreciate everyone that have come together to be part of our community. Our network will continue to work for information and outreach programs for self-development & growth. Stay tuned!

~rastfm Networks


Good morning all!!

We wanted to share great news and are exited to share some of the great things that rastfm has stored for our community. But first we wanted to share our online store. We been working on some designs that are ready for purchase some of this designs are introductory and will be temporarily available at our store while we work on new designs.

The reality of our online store is to create merchandise, something that our community could have as part for being members of our network. For every purchase you do you help to contribute to ease costs, supports development and provides that small percentage for our contribution to organizations for our restoration project program.

Our management wants to appreciate all our community members, supporters, contributors, distributors, providers and everyone that makes rastfm online and possible.



The rastfm podcast

As we continue to make changes on our network one of the additions to our broadcast or our programing and a slight modification to our structure, has been our podcast.

Our Podcast in comparison with our Broadcasts will be recorded and uploaded to mayor platforms were it’s easier to connect from within any device and also making available on our official website.

This section brings more guests and create an environment of friendship having conversations with community members, friends, professionals and other guests.

Our first show has been created as Beto’s Session with founders as hosts staring community members and friends as special guests on our shows.

As we incorporate our podcast section we also connected our shows on major platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts for mayor and easier reach.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email and our staff will try to help with most questions you might have.


rastfm Networks